Tested By: Hot Boys Athletics in Lanzarote

Pruzan joins London based run club Hot Boys Athletics on a recent training trip in Lanzarote.

Hot Boys Athletics is a women's running collective, established in 2022 by Kimiko Ninomiya with the vision of creating a safe space for women to train together and support one another’s goals. During a recent training camp in Lanzarote, athletes from Hot Boys put the Super Soft Fitted Tank to the test through marathon focused training sessions. From daily runs near the sea to a double threshold Saturday, the runners were able to push themselves working as a group.


Meet some of the team members of Hot Boys Athletics 

Kimiko is featured above in the Fitted Tank in Salt


Meet Kimiko Ninomiya, Founder of Hot Boys Athletics

I’m a So Cal girl at heart, living in London now for the past few years. I was running from an early age with basketball and other sports, but picked up endurance running over a decade ago when I ran my first half marathon in Brooklyn! When not scheming up the next hot boys excursion, I work as the Global Head of Digital Marketing for Soho House.

Why did you plan a training camp? What was important about taking the time together outside of London?

Since founding Hot Boys in 2022, I've always known I wanted to plan a training camp. Having focused time to bond and do nothing but think about running is such a special experience that brings everyone together as a collective and also creates an opportunity to level up training that isn’t possible in the city. We had done similar trips with my New York crew Black Roses to upstate New York, and I wanted to bring some of that same energy to our practice in London.

Why does the training work better as a group than as individuals?

There are so many benefits to training with a group – from accountability and knowing that your friends and training partners are relying on you getting out the door for them that day, to the inspiration and drive of training with people faster than you to push your preconceived limitations of self. In particular, training with a group of women opens up a dialog around how cycles and physiology have an effect on our training on a daily basis and creates a safe and open space for us all to share, ask questions and learn together.

What does training together with the team mean to you?

Training with Hot Boys means the world to me. These women are a daily inspiration to me – within and outside of running. I’m literally obsessed with every one of them and get so much joy out of seeing everyone chase and achieve their goals.

Nira is featured above in the Fitted Tank.

Meet Nira Martin

Born & raised in the Canary Islands, I LOVE living in London where I work as a product strategy manager for a luxury fashion brand & consult for startups and small brands. I started my committed running journey in 2021 when I needed a strong reminder of my self confidence - pushing myself physically but also giving me the mental space and overall connection that I felt when I was a gymnast.

What is special about training in the Canary islands?

The islands give out a special energy I cannot feel anywhere else - they combine the peacefulness of the sea (my happy place) with the fire of the volcanic land (where I thrive).

What did it mean to you to be able to share the Canary Islands with the Hot Boys team?

It felt full circle for me. Sharing where I come from whilst doing what I love, with the friends that have become my chosen family at my new home (London).

What do you enjoy most about being on Hot Boys?

The continuous love and support for each other, in and out of running shoes. Judgement free, women making women better and pushing each other to achieve our goals.

What did you like about the Grenadine Super Soft Fitted Tank?

2 main things: how it feels against my skin and how stylish and versatile it is. I wear it with jeans for a sporty look and then also look & feel amazing during my runs. 

Maedhbh is featured above in the Fitted Tank.

Meet Maedhbh Delahunt 

Hi! I’m Maedhbh - or Maeve for ease! Born and raised in Wicklow, Ireland. I work in tech in a creative role and have been living in London for the last decade.

How has training with Hot Boys helped you prepare for the marathon?

Training with HBA has been a game changer in both my physical conditioning and mental readiness. Having spent years immersed in team sports like hockey, I initially harboured the assumption that running was a solitary pursuit that wouldn't offer the same sense of camaraderie. However, my experience within this community has shattered that belief. This is a collective founded on principles of reciprocity, respect, and kindness, which has been such a pleasure to be part of. 

Why are you running the London Marathon?

I'm running the London Marathon in support of the NSPCC children's charity. Every year, I look to challenge myself and raise funds for an important cause and this year I decided to combine the two goals! I didn't think a marathon was possible for me after a number of knee injuries from hockey, I convinced myself that my body wasn't capable of completing a marathon. Through this journey, I'm proving to myself the incredible power of a determined mind and a resilient body.

What is something you learned from the other women on the trip that will help you with your running?

I learnt so many valuable tips about nutrition, fuelling and preparation for races from the Hot Boys community all of which have served me incredibly well over the last couple of months. But the most important takeaway is that the process should be fun and doing it with people you respect, admire and have a glass of wine with is just as important as the training!

What did you like about the fitted tank?

There are so many reasons to adore the fitted tank: its vibrant color, unparalleled comfort, and flattering silhouette. It's not just running top, it's become an essential piece in my spring wardrobe!  

Flo is featured above in the Fitted Tank.

Meet Flo Papougnot

I grew up in a small coastal town in Kent but my parents are French. I’m Head of PR for a sustainable wine brand based in London. I’ve been running ever since my parents got me a Paris marathon entry for my 18th birthday. We ran it together as a three!

What was your favourite training run in Lanzarote? What was special about running there?

Controversially, I think it was the 16 x 400s. It was the second session of our double threshold day. We had to improvise with a slightly sloping stretch of gravel (as the track was closed). It was tough, we were tired, but together we dug deep and pulled each other through. MAX endorphins post-run.

Was there a point in Lanzarote that helped you feel especially prepared for the upcoming race? 

I don’t know if I’ll ever feel especially prepared but the double threshold day was certainly something I’d never done before. 

What does running with Hot Boys mean to you?

Everything! Community, Strategy, Accountability. I feel such pure joy when my teammates reach their goals and I feel just as supported back. 

What did you like about the fitted tank?

It’s seriously soft and I love the fit. Grenadine is my favourite colour, too.


Hot Boys Athletics trains weekly in London. Learn more about Hot Boys Athletics here



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