Jordan Devan, Team Pruzan

Reflections on Running
Jordan Devan, Team Pruzan
April 4, 2024


Running communities and clubs can provide valuable support and camaraderie. Have you been involved in any running groups or communities, and if so, how have they contributed to your running journey?

When I finished playing college soccer, I turned to running to fill that competitive side of myself and also as a form of escape. During Covid, like many people, running quickly became my favorite outlet to move my body. I love that running also was something no one could take from me. A "me vs. me" mentality with endless possibilities. I moved to a new city in the summer of 2020 and looked for ways to connect with others who were like minded and enjoyed an active lifestyle. When I started meeting people in the greater running community, I realized the support and camaraderie was what I was missing. I have made some of the greatest friends by taking a chance and going to a new run club. I am inspired by others and that pushes me to be better and challenge myself everyday. 


Have you been involved in any running groups or communities, and if so, how have they contributed to your running journey?

I have now become a run club junky. Don't get me wrong, I love a good run by myself to clear my head. However, I experience so much joy by meeting new people and learning their stories of how they got into running and how it changed their lives. Running with others also pushes me to reach new goals that I otherwise may not go for out of fear. I have met so many badass women too who have become some of my best friends.


Give us the race recap! Would you recommend the race for other runners? Any course tips?

I have been on a journey of chasing faster times, specifically in the marathon. To reach that goal, I have been racing shorter distances to really work on my speed. This half was a second attempt at touching the sub 1:30 half marathon time. The course was uphill the first couple miles followed by a slight downhill for the middle chunk and a level course for the final 4 miles. I felt super strong throughout the first 7 miles; tried to stay calm and take it a mile at a time. I couldn't hold down my fuel along the way and I crashed a bit at the end. I ended up with a 1:32 half marathon time. If you happen to be in the States and looking for a pretty fast course, I would recommend the Swamp Rabbit Half in Greenville, South Carolina.


What is your motivation for training for Chicago?

I have been thinking about my overall motivation for my Chicago training for some time now. Overall, I would love to get a personal best. I also want to push myself past the fear I have around my goal to get closer to a 3:00 hour marathon time. There is a tiny voice in my mind that tells me I can't do it. That is my motivation though--to prove myself wrong and chase after big goals. 


Bucket list race or run location?

My dream is to run The Speed Project! It's a team relay race from LA to Vegas, no rules, no course. Seems like the most rad experience!

Jordan wearing the Classic Sports Bra and Fitted 6" Shorts in Onyx.


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