Meet Charlotte McGrath

"I love the quote from Eluid Kipchoge; 'Athletics is not so much about the legs. it's about the heart and mind.'"



In conversation with powerful humans who grace our photography.  Meet friend of Pruzan Charlotte McGrath (@cmnmgrath):

Where are you from and what do you do?

CM: I was born in Kenya and raised in Northern Ireland. I am an assistant manager of a coffee shop in London.

How has running shown up in your life?

CM: Running has really always shown up in my life. From a young age I have always ran. Whether that was with my dad or in school. It was and is such a good outlet for me. It helps my mind, body and soul. In my lowest season of life running has really helped me process many difficult periods. 

Any other movement practices you love?

CM: I tried contemporary dance with hip hop and ballet on and off in my late teens which I thoroughly enjoyed and gained a lot of confidence. I love to go on hikes or walks in nature as well as strength classes. 

Any mantras you like to live by, in running or in life?

CM: Showing every person I encounter with love and care that I would like to be shown.There is a lot of pain and hurt in the world and having those small moments of care and love for the people I meet day to day goes such a long way. Especially when it is not reciprocated. Gratitude and speaking positively is such an important part of my day to day. I love the quote from Eluid Kipchoge; " Athletics is not so much about the legs. it's about the heart and mind"

Any brands or movement leaders who inspire you?

CM: Nala Track Club (@nalatrackclub) is a females track club in Kenya that are empowering girls in Kenya through running is really inspiring.  Mary Ngugi-Cooper (@Maryngugi) founded the club. In Kenya women still struggle to be valued and invested in.  Kimiko (@kimik) who founded Hot Boys Athletics (@hotboysathletics) is really inspiring how she has created such a safe space to train with other girls that lift each other up and support  in running and in our personal lives. Truly such a special group of women.


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