Modernist sportswear for long distance and high style.

Founded by two female athletes based in London and Los Angeles, Pruzan speaks to an evolving profile of runners who seek intentional design, security and performance on and off the track. Our collection is inspired by bodies in motion and the intention to create a sustainable, higher-mileage wardrobe.

We are focused on longevity in our supply chain, designs, and planet.

Our wardrobe is composed of exceptionally high quality recycled materials selected and engineered to support decades of movement. We conserve natural resources wherever possible through the selection of recycled, deadstock, and biodegradable materials, and pointed decisions in our supply chain in avoidance of fast fashion habits. Currently, all of our fabrics are composed of 100% recycled polyester—a material created from existing plastic waste—and combined with elastane to provide long-lasting, quick drying and lightweight textiles for mobility.

Designs for higher mileage.

We focus on a curated collection of base-building essentials re-examined for your athletic wardrobe and beyond. Pruzan is polished silhouettes that will endure your style choices for years to come. We embed technical performance features into each piece for that extra edge to go the distance in your training.

The Running Wardrobe

Our early release is composed of layerable pieces in two colourways. Timeless silhouettes emphasize balance and accentuate the body’s form in motion. A celebration of femininity and masculinity alike.

Inspired by Trailblazers

We are named after the greatest pioneers we have known: the matriarchs of our family. Pictured: Fisherwoman Katherine Pruzan with her daughter Charlotte, 1926.