The History of Summer Whites

Summer whites have a long and storied history in sportswear, with roots in tennis and extending well beyond the court into various athletic and fashion arenas. This tradition of wearing white, particularly in tennis, dates back to the 16th century with jeu de paume in France, where the all-white attire symbolized wealth and class​. As the sport evolved into lawn tennis in England, the white dress code persisted, becoming a staple of prestigious tournaments like Wimbledon. Tennis whites were not just about aesthetics; they were practical in reflecting heat and concealing sweat, which was considered unseemly in high society. This uniformity in attire was codified by the late 19th century, with private clubs enforcing all-white dress codes​.


Featuring: Maria Bueno


The iconic status of tennis whites is largely credited to Suzanne Lenglen. Born in 1899, quickly ascended to the pinnacle of tennis, winning multiple Grand Slam titles and Olympic gold medals. However, her legacy extends far beyond her on-court achievements. She was a trailblazer in tennis fashion, challenging the restrictive norms of her time​. In the early 20th century, Lenglen revolutionized tennis fashion by opting for lightweight, pleated skirts and sleeveless tops that allowed greater freedom of movement. Her choice of white attire, paired with her signature headband, became a symbol of athletic prowess and chic style​. Maria Bueno followed in the 1950's and 60's as a fashion icon further blending the lines between sportswear and everyday style influence.

These legacies in tennis fashion also paved the way for future generations of athletes to embrace functional yet stylish sportswear. Lenglen and Bueno's influence is evident in the evolution of sports attire across various disciplines, where performance and style are now considered integral elements.


Featuring Suzanne Lenglen at Wimbledon in 1925.

Beyond tennis, the influence of summer whites extends into other sports. In cricket, white uniforms are traditional, symbolizing the sport's origins. Similarly, baseball's classic home uniforms often feature predominantly white designs, maintaining a clean, sharp appearance under the summer sun. 

The tradition of summer whites in sportswear is a testament to sporting history and its ongoing influence on contemporary style.


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