Meet India Bailey

"Where your fear is, there your task is."


In conversation with powerful humans who grace our photography.  Meet friend of Pruzan India Bailey (@india_bailey):

Where are you from and what do you do?

IB: I am Canadian-born but grew up in Mexico (curveball) and now live in London I am the founder of PLAY collective (@goplaycollective), Wellness Editor for CircleZeroEight, Coach & DJ.

How has running shown up in your life? Any other movement practices you love?

IB: Running has been a form of escape for me. I have come to realise that to move forward I must use what I have, my body and my mind. And this what running is. It's a truly liberating and grounding experience, especially when out in nature with your beats guiding your every step.  Other forms of movement that I love + also coach are Spin, Strength & Conditioning + Versaclimb but I always open to all sports. I'm a jock at heart.

Any mantras you like to live by?

IB: Where your fear is, there your task is. Discomfort is your dreams currency.

Any brands or movement leaders who inspire you?

IB: My favourite mover is Joe Holder (@joeholder). I find him so informative, knowledgable and inspiring someone I trust as a source of information — his idea that we should aim to be an "athlete of life" and train for life as you get older is something I try to integrate into my mentality. I love OnRunning for footwear, I have never felt more supported and more comfortable. Accessories for me would be Nike and leggings and bras Lululemon.


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