At Home with Rosie Viva

Tour Rosie's Flat - At home with Rosie as she styles her favourite Pruzan Pieces.

We spent the morning with Rosie Viva in her vibrant East London flat.⁠ She took us through her favourite nooks and shared with us her go-to reads, the things she values most and what makes her feel best in her space.


What makes you feel special about your space?

The thing which makes me feel best in my space is definitely my radio. Every morning I come into the lounge, turn it on and I listen to Gold FM. In the evening when I get back into the flat, I put on Classic FM.  So, it's just a ritual and it wakes me up in the right way and it calms me down in the evening in a really nice way as well. I feel that I couldn't live without this, and I actually have a spare one in my bedroom as a backup.

What is your most worn piece of clothing?

My most worn piece of clothing is definitely my black Pruzan leggings. That is because I wear them to run and then I also style them with a big t-shirt, trainers and a hoodie. They're just so great and I've never found anything which is so comfortable. I also like that they are quite high-waisted and that the ends of them are flares, so with trainers it really works. 

Rosie styled in the Super Soft Fitted Tank in Salt and the Fitted 6" Shorts.


What is your favourite nook in your flat?

Do you know what, weirdly, it's a spot on my rainbow lawn chair that’s right here on my balcony. I read out here and I get the sun from five till maybe seven-thirty and it's a really great view for early evening. I got that chair at a flea market, and I think you can probably tell, but I love it. 


What is your favourite book?

My favourite book that I have read recently is “It's Really Good Actually,” It's a book by Monica Heisey and it is a bit of a comedy about a breakup. It would either be that or, I also really enjoyed "Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow" by Gabrielle Zevin. It's about a gamer, which weirdly I enjoyed. It takes place in San Francisco with a couple who fall in love there but never get together.

Rosie styled in the Super Soft Fitted Tank in Salt and the Logo Sport Hat.


What is the item you value most in your flat?

The thing I value most in this flat is my new wall tapestry which I just got for my 28th birthday. It's from a really cute shop in Hackney and I've been looking at it for four years and for some reason it took me four years to get it. The shop is called ‘A New Tribe’ and it has really nice curated jewellery, Moroccan rugs and wall hangings. My plan is that I'll end up having these tapestries all over the walls.



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